Gina + Tom

Aviary Chicago

After Sarah and Toby’s super sassy engagement session, they surprised Tom and I with reservations at Aviary. Now I have heard of Next, but I have not heard of the Aviary. I left my camera in the car, and after we got in and realized that this was going above and beyond anything we had ever done, I thought about going to grab it. But this voice took over and said “this place is way to cool for you to start acting like a tourist!” I am still so mad at myself because honestly..who cares.

This place is an experience. A totally amazing drinking and “bite” experience. The drinks are more like art or science, and the little “bites” of food had more flavor in a bite than any big meal I have ever had. While editing Sarah and Toby’s engagement pictures, I actually got sad, because that night was over. One surprise after the next with these two, I tell ya! Thank you guys for the millionth time for the best night ever!

Thanks to Toby for most of these pics…all taken from our iphones…