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Being a photographer and having children of my own, I know the importance of capturing an image that says it all.  There are times during sessions when parents worry that their kids aren’t cooperating and that we are not getting anything worth while.  A photography hero of  mine, Tamara Lackey, once said all you need is that ‘half of a second’ – and it’s so true.  You’d be amazed what we can capture in that half second — that sweet, goofy grin, that soft, dreamy look.  It could be a number of things, and more times than not the parents cannot believe what they get back from us. The images reflect the bubbly, introspective, funny, curious kid they are used to seeing at home.

I took on the task of trying to plan ahead and get some portraits of my own kids the other day. Let me tell you, from the outside, it didn’t seem like I planned anything!  My three year old wanted nothing to do with being photographed — gotta love threenagers! My nine month old decided not to take his morning nap – or nap on the way to our destination – and he was apparently starving an hour earlier than usual.  Luckily my wonderful Mom was there to throw some snacks at him, and I dealt with my daughter and shot away.  Within a half hour I said I was ready to go, and my Mom looked at me like I was crazy because she didn’t think I accomplished anything in that amount of time.

I couldn’t have been happier with how the images came out.  You can see for yourself below.

~Nicole, Frankfort Children Photographer

Frankfort_Photographer_0038Frankfort_Photographer_0039Frankfort_Photographer_0041Frankfort_Photographer_0047Frankfort_PhotographerFrankfort_Photographer_0049Frankfort_Photographer_0051Frankfort_Photographer_0052Frankfort_Photographer_0055And if all else fails, put one of them up for sale!