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Chicago Wedding Photographer| Molly + Patrick | Naperville Country Club

¬†As a Chicago Wedding Photographer, you hear many great love stories. And Molly + Pat’s is one of them.

Listening to the speeches we learn so much. Molly’s life has sent her around the country, but in the end, her path lead her to Pat. Pat’s brother’s speech was incredibly touching as well. Because of Molly, Pat and his brother reconnected and became close again.

Molly + Pat are both genuine and loving people. They know how to have a great time with each other, their friends, and family. We do not remember seeing a smile leave either of their faces all day.

The day was filled with elegant ¬†beauty and classic touches. With touches of sparkle and candle light. Molly + Pat’s wedding was the epitome of a timeless wedding.

Molly + Pat met me at the studio for a dreamy snow engagement session last winter. You can see it here

Congrats again Molly + Pat. We wish you your happily ever after!

~So much love,

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Ceremony: Alleluia Lutheran Church

Reception: Naperville Country Club

Florals: Celidan Creations

Band: Phase Four

Cake: Jarosch Bakery

Video: Lexoria

Photo Booth: Magic Moments

You can see more here: