Gina + Tom

Wedding at Galleria Marchetti Chicago

Chicago, IL

wedding at galleria marchetti

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0032

Gabby + Nick’s fall wedding day was pure perfection. It was filled with shades of blush and marsala, and romantic vintage details. Besides all the gorgeous details and eye candy, the day was filled with love of family and friends. These families know how to celebrate a wedding and true love in style. Gabby is just the sweetest person, and Nick so kind. They both were so happy the entire day enjoying every. single. second.

Gabby and Nick, it was an honor to be there on your wedding day! We wish you nothing but your own happily ever after!

So much love,

Gina + Tom

Grab a cup of coffee and feast your eyes on this lovely day.

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0001Chicago Wedding Photographer_0002Chicago Wedding Photographer_0003Chicago Wedding Photographer_0004Chicago Wedding Photographer_0005Chicago Wedding Photographer_0006Chicago Wedding Photographer_0007Chicago Wedding Photographer_0008Chicago Wedding Photographer_0009Chicago Wedding Photographer_0010Chicago Wedding Photographer_0011Chicago Wedding Photographer_0012Chicago Wedding Photographer_0013Chicago Wedding Photographer_0014Chicago Wedding Photographer_0015Chicago Wedding Photographer_0016Chicago Wedding Photographer_0017Chicago Wedding Photographer_0018Chicago Wedding Photographer_0019Chicago Wedding Photographer_0020Chicago Wedding Photographer_0021Chicago Wedding Photographer_0022Gabby and Nick had a first look which we always love. It gives the couple some time alone to soak in the moment of first seeing each. Chicago Wedding Photographer_0023Chicago Wedding Photographer_0024Chicago Wedding Photographer_0025Chicago Wedding Photographer_0026Chicago Wedding Photographer_0027Chicago Wedding Photographer_0028Chicago Wedding Photographer_0029Chicago Wedding Photographer_0030Chicago Wedding Photographer_0031Chicago Wedding Photographer_0033Chicago Wedding Photographer_0034Chicago Wedding Photographer_0035Chicago Wedding Photographer_0036Chicago Wedding Photographer_0037Chicago Wedding Photographer_0038Chicago Wedding Photographer_0039Chicago Wedding Photographer_0040Chicago Wedding Photographer_0041Chicago Wedding Photographer_0042Chicago Wedding Photographer_0043Chicago Wedding Photographer_0044Chicago Wedding Photographer_0045Chicago Wedding Photographer_0046Chicago Wedding Photographer_0047Chicago Wedding Photographer_0048Chicago Wedding Photographer_0049Chicago Wedding Photographer_0050Wedding at Galleria MarchettiWedding at Galleria MarchettiChicago Wedding Photographer_0053Wedding at Galleria MarchettiChicago Wedding Photographer_0055Chicago Wedding Photographer_0056Chicago Wedding Photographer_0057Chicago Wedding Photographer_0058Chicago Wedding Photographer_0059Chicago Wedding Photographer_0060Chicago Wedding Photographer_0061Chicago Wedding Photographer_0062Chicago Wedding Photographer_0063Chicago Wedding Photographer_0064Chicago Wedding Photographer_0065Chicago Wedding Photographer_0066Wedding at Galleria MarchettiChicago Wedding Photographer_0068Chicago Wedding Photographer_0069Chicago Wedding Photographer_0070Wedding at Galleria MarchettiChicago Wedding Photographer_0072Chicago Wedding Photographer_0073Chicago Wedding Photographer_0074Chicago Wedding Photographer_0075Chicago Wedding Photographer_0076Chicago Wedding Photographer_0077Chicago Wedding Photographer_0078Chicago Wedding Photographer_0079Chicago Wedding Photographer_0080Chicago Wedding Photographer_0081Chicago Wedding Photographer_0082Chicago Wedding Photographer_0083Chicago Wedding Photographer_0084Chicago Wedding Photographer_0085Chicago Wedding Photographer_0086Chicago Wedding Photographer_0087Chicago Wedding Photographer_0088Chicago Wedding Photographer_0089Chicago Wedding Photographer_0090Wedding at Galleria MarchettiChicago Wedding Photographer_0092Chicago Wedding Photographer_0093Chicago Wedding Photographer_0094Chicago Wedding Photographer_0095Chicago Wedding Photographer_0096Every guest helped dance the night away!Chicago Wedding Photographer_0097Chicago Wedding Photographer_0098Chicago Wedding Photographer_0099Chicago Wedding Photographer_0100Chicago Wedding Photographer_0101Chicago Wedding Photographer_0102Chicago Wedding Photographer_0103

This perfect day could not have been any more perfect thanks to the following creative team:

Ceremony and Reception: Galleria Marchetti

Florals: Petal’s N’ Bloom

Cake: Jorie’s Cupcakes

Band: TVK Orchestra

Video: Amor in Motion And you can view their wedding trailer here!

Hair and Makeup: Planet Color

*We highly recommend all the above vendors.

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0104