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One Year Session | Mr W | GCP by Nicole

I was really looking forward to seeing Mr W for his one year session, especially after his Star-worthy epic newborn session. His smash cake session was also just as epic.

I love all cake smashes, but I especially love when the little ones REALLY get into it. Mr W was all about his cake and literally had it in his eyebrows. I always start cake smash sessions with adorable portraits of the kiddos and their half toothy grins and “clean” outfits. W was just as adorable as can be and really hammed it up for his photos.

Then when we brought the cake in he was ALL about it! Literally dove right in hands and feet first and I loved every second of it. I wish I could get away with eating cake that way still! Scroll on to see his fantastic literal cake smash 😊

Nicole ~ One Year Session/GCP by Nicole