Children,  Nicole

Morton Arboretum Session | Mr C | GCP by Nicole

Mr C turned 4 back in January and we while we normally shoot close to his Birthday there’s only so many indoor locations to choose from to keep his pictures fresh. So I thought that meeting at the Morton Arboretum when the daffodils were in full bloom would be the perfect time. And not to toot my own horn, but boy was I right! lol

We had so much fun tiptoeing through the flowers, making faces at each other and *attempting* to smell the daffodils ☺️ Chase was having fun and even liked posing like a “big boy”. What made it even better was getting to run around and be wild and free in the children’s garden. He was a little unsure about the maze, but once he got going the giggles were flowing!

We “skipped” rocks, searched for tadpoles and had so much fun going down the slide. He made lots of new friends too!

Love my little buddy and his family so much 💙

Nicole ~ Morton Arboretum Session/GCP by Nicole