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Fresh 48 Photographer | Joseph | Gina Cristine Photographer

I am proud to be a Fresh 48 Photographer…especially when it is for family.  I am beyond thrilled to introduce you all to the newest addition to my family, my sweet new nephew Joey!  I couldn’t wait to meet the little man and was sure to bring along my trusty camera to capture some pictures of him meeting big sister Abby for the first time.  She has taken on her new role in stride and showers him with lots of love.  I know I couldn’t get enough snuggles in with him and I might have accused of being baby hog by my hubby.

Love you guys so much! Congratulations and enjoy every moment.

Nicole ~ Fresh 48 Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

Joey Fresh 48 Session_0001Joey Fresh 48 Session_0002Joey Fresh 48 Session_0003Joey Fresh 48 Session_0004Joey Fresh 48 Session_0005Joey Fresh 48 Session_0006Joey Fresh 48 Session_0007Joey Fresh 48 Session_0008Joey Fresh 48 Session_0009