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Maui Vow Renewal


Maui Vow Renewal_0080

The whole reason for our trip to Maui was for my parent’s 60th birthday and 40th wedding anniversary. They did not want a big party, instead, to bring the family to the beaches they honeymooned and fell in love with 40 year’s ago.

My brother and I wanted to do something for them to show our love and respect for them. 40 years is amazing!

So I contacted the fabulous ladies at Dream Wedding: Maui Style and they had the whole thing set up the entire Maui vow renewal for us. My mom had no idea (we sort of filled my Dad in) and she thought we were going to dinner. Instead we pulled up to this beautiful beach, and they renewed their vows with a rainbow to the front of them, beach to one side, and all of us on the other. It was perfect!

We love you mom and dad! Thank you for being wonderful examples of love and marriage to us!

Maui Vow Renewal_0082Maui Vow Renewal_0083Maui Vow Renewal_0084Maui Vow Renewal_0085Maui Vow Renewal_0086Do not mind the crabby 4yo 🙂 Maui Vow Renewal_0087Maui Vow Renewal_0088Maui Vow Renewal_0089Maui Vow Renewal_0090Maui Vow Renewal_0091Maui Vow Renewal_0092Maui Vow Renewal_0093Maui Vow Renewal_0094

Maui Vow Renewal


  • Kristen

    Gina, this is so beautiful! Made me tear up. Cheers to your parents 40 years. What a way to celebrate the milestone!

  • Dora


    Thank you so much for sharing such a special celebration with all of us! You guys are on hand to experience the love we share with our families on our special days & it’s so nice of you share your family’s love!

    Congrats to your parents & to many more years!