Gina + Tom

Wedding at Cog Hill Country Club

Lemont, ILChicago Wedding Photographer_0140Keilia is the girl that you want in your life. She is that positive, fun, beautiful, creative, and outgoing person that instantly light up any room she is in. We know exactly why and how Kevyn fell instantly for her. Seeing these two together would make anyone believe in true love. We have known Keilia for a few years, but to meet her and Kevyn, is meeting a whole new girl. Kevyn is also very charming and outgoing. Being a firefighter is also something that gave us all a connection.

Meeting them both together is energetic. Being both from the best of families, and have some super amazing friends, made this wedding day truly epic. We left that night on a total wedding high knowing that two perfectly in love people started a marriage that will last forever.

Keilia and Kevyn we love you so much and wish you nothing but your happily ever after!

Gina + TomĀ Chicago Wedding Photographer_0074Chicago Wedding Photographer_0075Chicago Wedding Photographer_0076Chicago Wedding Photographer_0077Chicago Wedding Photographer_0078Chicago Wedding Photographer_0079Chicago Wedding Photographer_0080Chicago Wedding Photographer_0081Chicago Wedding Photographer_0082Chicago Wedding Photographer_0083Chicago Wedding Photographer_0084Chicago Wedding Photographer_0085Chicago Wedding Photographer_0086Chicago Wedding Photographer_0087Chicago Wedding Photographer_0088Chicago Wedding Photographer_0089Chicago Wedding Photographer_0090Chicago Wedding Photographer_0091Chicago Wedding Photographer_0092Chicago Wedding Photographer_0093Chicago Wedding Photographer_0094Chicago Wedding Photographer_0095Chicago Wedding Photographer_0096Chicago Wedding Photographer_0097Chicago Wedding Photographer_0098Chicago Wedding Photographer_0099Chicago Wedding Photographer_0100Chicago Wedding Photographer_0101Chicago Wedding Photographer_0102Chicago Wedding Photographer_0103Chicago Wedding Photographer_0104Chicago Wedding Photographer_0105Chicago Wedding Photographer_0106Chicago Wedding Photographer_0107Chicago Wedding Photographer_0108Chicago Wedding Photographer_0109Chicago Wedding Photographer_0110Chicago Wedding Photographer_0111Chicago Wedding Photographer_0112Chicago Wedding Photographer_0113Chicago Wedding Photographer_0114Chicago Wedding Photographer_0115Chicago Wedding Photographer_0116Chicago Wedding Photographer_0117Chicago Wedding Photographer_0118Chicago Wedding Photographer_0119Chicago Wedding Photographer_0120Chicago Wedding Photographer_0121Chicago Wedding Photographer_0122Chicago Wedding Photographer_0123Chicago Wedding Photographer_0124Chicago Wedding Photographer_0125Chicago Wedding Photographer_0126Chicago Wedding Photographer_0127Chicago Wedding Photographer_0128Chicago Wedding Photographer_0129Chicago Wedding Photographer_0130Chicago Wedding Photographer_0131Chicago Wedding Photographer_0132Chicago Wedding Photographer_0133Chicago Wedding Photographer_0134Chicago Wedding Photographer_0135Chicago Wedding Photographer_0136Chicago Wedding Photographer_0137Chicago Wedding Photographer_0138Chicago Wedding Photographer_0139Chicago Wedding Photographer_0141cog hill country clubcog hill country clubcog hill country clubChicago Wedding Photographer_0145Chicago Wedding Photographer_0146cog hill country clubChicago Wedding Photographer_0148Chicago Wedding Photographer_0149Chicago Wedding Photographer_0150Chicago Wedding Photographer_0151Chicago Wedding Photographer_0152Chicago Wedding Photographer_0153Chicago Wedding Photographer_0154Chicago Wedding Photographer_0155Chicago Wedding Photographer_0156Chicago Wedding Photographer_0157Chicago Wedding Photographer_0158Chicago Wedding Photographer_0159Chicago Wedding Photographer_0160Chicago Wedding Photographer_0161cog hill country clubChicago Wedding Photographer_0163Chicago Wedding Photographer_0164Chicago Wedding Photographer_0165Chicago Wedding Photographer_0166This day could not have been more perfect without the following amazing creative team:

Ceremony: St. Francis of Assisi

Reception: Cog Hill Country Club

Florals: Alicia Lenhardt

Bakery: Leeson’s Cakes

DJ: Anserback Entertainment

Video: Imagination Designers

Decor: Kathleen McGetrick

Dessert Table: Michelle Malak

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0167