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Frankfort Milestone Photographer | Mr A | Gina Cristine Photography

I think I decided that 6 months is my favorite milestone as a Frankfort Milestone Photographer, well maybe until I take A’s 9 month pictures!  You may remember those deep baby blues from his newborn session and I can say they’ve only become even more amazing.

Lucky for me he thinks I’m pretty hilarious and is always full of gummy grins, his Mommy always has him perfectly styled too.  I’ve also decided that for as much as I love shooting newborns in buckets, 6 month olds look just as adorable!  Who am I kidding, this kid looks pretty darn cute anywhere I stick him.  Can’t wait to see him again for his 9 month session, we already have something pretty special planned!

Nicole ~ Frankfort Milestone Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography