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Dyer, IN Milestone Photographer | Mr A | Gina Cristine Photography

As a Dyer, IN milestone photographer I’m so excited to watch this little man grow.  He rocked his newborn session, and he certainly didn’t disappoint at his 3 month session!  As a matter of fact he was a little sleepy when I first arrived so he slept through the first part of the session allowing me to get some very sweet shots for Mom.

After Mr A’s little power nap he was a full on charmer with lots of smiles and trying to show off his voice to me.  He’s such a sweet little guy that makes my job even more amazing.  So excited for his 6 month session!

Nicole~ Dyer, IN Milestone Photographer/Gina Cristine Photography

A 3 month milestone_0007A 3 month milestone_0006A 3 month milestone_0005A 3 month milestone_0004A 3 month milestone_0003A 3 month milestone_0002A 3 month milestone_0001


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