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Embers Restaurant Wedding – Alyssa + Kiel

Alyssa + Kiel’s wedding day was nothing short of amazing.  I was beyond thrilled to be a part of my cousin’s big day.  They couldn’t have had a more picture perfect day and as luck would have it my Aunt’s house is on a golf course which made for a gorgeous first look setting.  We also made our way over to Delwood park and made use of the downtown Lockport setting.

The wedding was a true DIY and involved many of my talented family members.  There were so many sweet little touches to their wedding day.  It was a very intimate ceremony that included their own vows and one of their good friends officiating the ceremony.  The speeches were filled with lots of laughs and tears of happiness.

Love you both so much!


Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Prep_0001

Her beautiful hand made bouquet.

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Prep_0002Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Prep_0003Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Prep_0004Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Prep_0005

There were lots of tears of happiness seeing Alyssa for the first time in her dress.

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Prep_0006

So many excited bridesmaids!

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Prep_0007

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0001Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0002Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0003Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0004Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0005

My baby girl Caleigh was so excited to be a flower girl for the first time!  I was also a flower girl for my Aunt so it was pretty cute to see it go full circle and recreate some of the pictures I took with my Aunt.

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0006Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0007Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0008Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0009Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0010Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0011Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0012

Little Huntley’s getting so big now, you might remember him from his newborn pictures.

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0013Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Portrait_0014

Table settings, chair covers, card table and every other piece brought into Embers was put together by my insanely talented Mom and Aunts, they could seriously give Martha Stewart a run for her money!

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Ceremony_0001Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Ceremony_0002

If you didn’t blink you might have had a chance to see my Gavin run down the aisle.

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Ceremony_0003Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Ceremony_0004Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Ceremony_0005Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Ceremony_0006Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Ceremony_0007

Me and my baby 🙂

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Ceremony_0008

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0001Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0002

My cousin Joey played all the music for the ceremony and also played the song for Alyssa and Kiel’s wedding.

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0003Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0004Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0005Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0006

Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0007Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0008Alyssa+Kiel Wedding_Reception_0009

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  • Sharon Sabatino

    Nicole, thank you so much for capturing these amazing moments. It was truly a beautiful wedding and love story told through your photography. Awesome job Nicole!!!!!