Destination Wedding,  Gina + Tom

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Wedding

Palm Springs, CA

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Wedding

Omni Rancho Las Palmas Wedding

Jennifer and Ryan met through twitter, all because of their love of Seattle. It may have taken some time for them to meet in person, but I think we would all agree, they are a perfect match.

Since Jennifer is originally from Chicago,  Ryan from Northern California, and most family and friends are living all over the country, they decided to have a destination wedding. Jennifer recently attended a work conference at the Las Palmas and as she watched the sun rise over the palms from her balcony.  She knew instantly that this is where they should have the wedding. Sunny, warm Palm Springs in December could not be more perfect.

The day went off without a hitch. Surrounded by the best group of family and friends, Jennifer and Ryan’s wedding day is one everyone will be talking about forever. They day started with pure relaxation. The ladies at the spa and cabana-ing. The guys hung out and played some pool. Jennifer and Ryan chose to have an intimate first look by themselves. Followed by a romantic ceremony on the green with some of sweetest vows we have ever heard. Officiated by none other than Jennifer’s brother, Kevin. Who did an outstanding job. Then everyone moved over to the sunrise terrace for dinner and to dance the night away.

I am lucky enough to have known Jennifer for a long time. Our father’s were fire fighters together and friends. She babysat me, and we took family backpacking trips out to Wyoming. I always looked up to her, beautiful on the inside and out, and the best sense of humor and positive outlook on life. When you are around Jennifer, you will always be laughing and smiling.

Obviously enough could not be said about these two awesome people. We could not be more happier for them both and were so happy to have been there! Enough talking already, and let’s get to the pictures 😉

Jennifer + Ryan, we wish you nothing but a happily ever after!

So Much Love, Gina + Tom

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0001Chicago Wedding Photographer_0002Chicago Wedding Photographer_0003Chicago Wedding Photographer_0004Chicago Wedding Photographer_0005Chicago Wedding Photographer_0006Chicago Wedding Photographer_0007Chicago Wedding Photographer_0008Chicago Wedding Photographer_0009Chicago Wedding Photographer_0010Chicago Wedding Photographer_0011Chicago Wedding Photographer_0012Chicago Wedding Photographer_0013Chicago Wedding Photographer_0014Chicago Wedding Photographer_0015Chicago Wedding Photographer_0016Chicago Wedding Photographer_0017Chicago Wedding Photographer_0018Chicago Wedding Photographer_0019Chicago Wedding Photographer_0020Chicago Wedding Photographer_0021Chicago Wedding Photographer_0022Chicago Wedding Photographer_0023Chicago Wedding Photographer_0024Chicago Wedding Photographer_0029

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Chicago Wedding Photographer_0067Chicago Wedding Photographer_0068Chicago Wedding Photographer_0069Chicago Wedding Photographer_0070Chicago Wedding Photographer_0071Chicago Wedding Photographer_0072Chicago Wedding Photographer_0073Chicago Wedding Photographer_0075Chicago Wedding Photographer_0076Chicago Wedding Photographer_0077Chicago Wedding Photographer_0078Chicago Wedding Photographer_0079Omni Rancho Las Palmas Wedding

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0081Chicago Wedding Photographer_0082Chicago Wedding Photographer_0083Chicago Wedding Photographer_0084Chicago Wedding Photographer_0085Chicago Wedding Photographer_0086Chicago Wedding Photographer_0087Chicago Wedding Photographer_0088Omni Rancho Las Palmas WeddingChicago Wedding Photographer_0090Chicago Wedding Photographer_0091

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This beautiful day was all that and more due to the following amazing creative team:

Ceremony + Reception: Omni Rancho Las Palmas

Hair + Makeup: Spa Las Palmas

Wedding Coordinator: Rafunzel Carreon with the Omni

Florals: PS Flower Mart

DJ: Aaron Cortes Music Media Entertainment

Photobooth: Classic Photobooths

Chicago Wedding Photographer_0129